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One Fee Earner Online 10 Unit CPD Package - No expiry date - Any Device

160+ Online CPD Options, 70+ Barristers, Accredited Specialists & Industry Experts, CPD for Me, practical and relevant

CPD Points10 pts

FormatOn-line Module


One fee earner can choose CPD to meet your individual requirements from either a) attending CPD-LIVE.com.au Exclusive Webinar Program 8am to 6pm until 31 March or choose 125+ On-Demand Mandatory CPD sessions, Access 24/7, Any Device. 

10 CPD units all online package – simple and easy, specifically tailored to meet the needs of law firms, legal teams and busy professionals.

Choose relevant webinar and/or on-webinar sessions with access 24/7 – Any Device

  • Choose from over 125 on-demand CLE/CPD sessions
  • Choose from over 50 Interactive Webinars 20-31 March 2017
  • Join 70+ Industry Experts – Barristers, Accredited
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CPD for ME

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10 CPD units all online package – simple and easy, specifically tailored to meet the needs of law firms, legal teams and busy professionals.

Choose relevant webinar and/or on-webinar sessions with access 24/7 – Any Device

  • Choose from over 125 on-demand CLE/CPD sessions
  • Choose from over 50 Interactive Webinars 20-31 March 2017
  • Join 70+ Industry Experts – Barristers, Accredited Specialists and Legal Experts
  • Includes mandatory subjects – Practice Management and Business Skills, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Professional Skills and Substantive Law
  • FREE LogCPD, record all your CPD activities in one place from any provider
  • Ability for staff to forward CPD units to other CPD years or allocate extension units
  • Regular content added each quarter
  • Add action items from any session watched
This package entitles one fee earner to obtain 10 CPD/CLE units


1 HOUR = 1 UNIT for private study (please check with your professional body)

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7, any device

Strategy & Planning for Managing a Legal Firm
Challenges to the profession, how small firms are affected and other areas for growth and opportunity
Trends In Regional Practice
Ten Ideas to implement now to hit your Financial Goals
Optimising Your Practice Value for Sale Business 
Succession Insights
Failsafe Strategies to Dramatically Improve Performance and Profitability
Superstar Strategy 
Your Competitive Edge (May 2016) 
New Law – What it means for smaller firms (May 2016) 
Innovation tips, Do’s & Don’ts (March 2016) 
Acceptable Financial Performance – What is it, how do you achieve it? (March 2016) 
Drivers of Future Success – How to employ the new client perspective (March 2016) 
Negotiating Fixed Fee Arrangements: How to make it work for you & the firm (March 2016) 
Proven Ways to Grow Your Signature clients 
Effective marketing by building relationships  
Superstar Lawyer Adopting PEXA Conveyancing Case Study 

Title – click to review learning outcomes

Stop Wasting Time – Get Things Done (March 2016) 
Design Your Environment for Success (March 2016) 
Effective thinking, planning and acting (March 2016) 
Mindfulness and Sustaining Your Energy (March 2016) 
Power PDF 
Dragon Legal for Windows 
Dragon Dictate for Mac Users 
Increase Efficiency Adopting PEXA Conveyancing Case Study

Title – click to review learning outcomes

Law Firm Cyber Essentials (March 2016) 
Business Facebook (March 2016) 
Cyber Threat In The Digital Age (March 2016) 
Demystifying Cyber Security The Darknet (Deep Web) (March 2016) 
Email Marketing Best Practice (March 2016) 
LinkedIn profile and company page (March 2016) 
Online Brand Management (March 2016) 
Online Reputation (March 2016) 
Open Source Intelligence (March 2016) 
Social Channels To Keep An Eye On & Action (March 2016) 
Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest (March 2016) 
Using Eventbrite and Facebook Events (March 2016) 
Visual Hacking (March 2016) 
Google & Online Branding & Advertising (March 2016) 
Your Online Reputation – Understanding what it is and managing it (March 2016) 
Basic Website Requirements (March 2016) 
Conversion Optimisation (March 2016) 
Website Content Planning Best Practice (March 2016) 
Using Online Video for Marketing (March 2016) 
Professional Service Online Video 101 (March 2016) 
Ask IT Guru – Software and Hardware 
Ask IT Guru – Mobility Using Social Media as Evidence 
Cyber Security Update – Protect Your Practice 
Cyber Everything 
I Got Hacked – Help 
Information Security Classification 
Privacy Law Update – effective 1 July 2015 
Title – click to add to cart and watch 24/7 any device

LEAP Trust Accounting LEAP Time Costing 
Title – click to review learning outcomes

The Ethical Lawyer (March 2016) 
How Not to Get Struck Off (March 2016) 
Ethical and Practical Hypotheticals 
Wellbeing as an Ethical Obligation 
Self-Represented Litigants 

Title – click to review learning outcomes, watch 24/7 any device

The Eternal Questions of Absenteeism (September 2016) 
Impaired Consent in Contract Law (March 2016) 
Unconscionable Conduct (March 2016) 
Unilateral Mistake and Estoppel (March 2016) 
Unjust Contracts and Unfair Terms (March 2016) 
Terminating Employment (March 2016) 
Employment Contract Updates (March 2016) 
Corporate Updates (March 2016) 
Innovation and Commercialisation: Capturing Value from the ‘Big Idea’ (March 2016) 
Personal Properties Securities Act (February 2015) 
10 Steps Guide to Commencing Bankruptcy Proceedings (March 2015) 
Bankruptcy Case Law 
Civil Litigation Procedure focusing on Evidence Gathering (July 2015) 
Privacy Law Update – effective 1 July 2015 
Interim Remedies in Commercial Litigation (July 2015) 
Personal Properties Securities Act Case Reviews and Update (October 2015) 
Fiduciary Duties and Misappropriation of Business Opportunities: Recent Developments

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device

Wills & Estates: Family Provision Claims (March 2016) 
Family Provision 
Estate Administration 
Interaction Between Superannuation and Testators in Family Maintenance Claims 
Wills & Estates Succession Act Family Provision 
Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device

Drafting Strata By-Laws (March 2015) 
Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device

Catastrophic Injury claims – Maximising quantum outcomes! (March 2016) 

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7, any device

Social Media and The Law (March 2016) 
Criminal Law Update (March 2016)

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device 
NSW Planning Update (March 2016) 
Mediation for Government Lawyers (March 2016) 
The Future for Crown Land Management in NSW (March 2016) 
Community Engagement: What does a lawyer need to know? (March 2016) 
Local Government Amalgamations and Reforms (March 2016) 

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7, any device 
Parenting Orders (Parental Responsibility & Specific Issues) (March 2016) 
Complex Property Settlements: Family Law (March 2016) 
International Recovery of Children (March 2016) 
Interest of the Child – Family Law Custody Disputes (March 2016) 
Wills & Estates: Family Provision Claims (March 2016) 
Binding Financial Agreements: Tips, Traps, and Termination (March 2016) 

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device  
Eternal Questions of Absenteeism (September 2016) 
Terminating Employment (March 2016) 
Employment Contract Updates (March 2016) 
WH&S, EEO & Discrimination (March 2015) 

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device 
TAX UPDATE – Small Business (February 2015) 
TAX UPDATE – Deceased Estates (March 2015) 

Title – click to review learning outcomes and watch 24/7 any device 
Master Your Time (August 2016) 
Master Your Inbox (August 2016)  Outlook 2013-2016
Master Your Tasks and Appointments (August 2016) 
Email, Calendar and Task Management for the Professional (March 2016) 
Stop Wasting Time – Get Things Done (March 2016) 
Design Your Environment for Success (March 2016) 
Effective thinking, planning and acting (March 2016) 
Mindfulness and Sustaining Your Energy (March 2016) 
Become an Industry Thought Leader (March 2016) 
Money Laundering – Professional Vulnerabilities (March 2016) 
Seven Shades of ADR – Selection Matters (March 2016) 
Mediation and ADR in Commercial and Large Matters (March 2015) 
Mediation and ADR in Workplace (March 2015) 
Ways to increase productivity of your staff including OH&S (July 2013) 
Key Time Management Strategies (March 2015) 
Managing People Well (March 2015) 
Good Client Relationships (March 2015) 
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