Coronavirus: Practical Business Legal Insights (2020) 1 CPD Unit


Identify business legal issues that may arise from the coronavirus and other epidemics and pandemics.


Learning Outcomes:

Participants should be able to:​

  1.  Identify business legal issues that may arise from the coronavirus and other epidemics and pandemics;
  2. Be aware of examples where the coronavirus and other diseases have impacted on business legal affairs;
  3. Identify legislation and caselaw of particular relevance in the current climate;
  4. Gain practical tips for advising clients on how to deal with business legal issues arising from the coronavirus, and other epidemics and pandemics; and
  5. Feel more comfortable and confident, of not only dealing with the legal challenges presented by the coronavirus but also seizing on opportunities in the silver lining (for our common good).

About your Speaker: William Attoh, Legal Made Easy

After graduating top of his class with Honours, despite working full time whilst studying full time, William Attoh worked under some of the most astute Judges in Australia, as Researcher to the NSW Court of Appeal.

Before starting his own practice, Will also worked for the likes of Australian Business Lawyers, Law Access NSW, Michael Vassili Barristers & Solicitors and Maddocks.

Always looking to give back, Will supports various worthy charities, including the Anne Frank Exhibition Australia, which he helped to set up.

When not grounded in the aspirational pursuit of justice for clients, doing charitable deeds or lifesaving at the beach, Will may be seen flying the Victor 1 Coastal around greater Sydney, and beyond, as the “weekend warrior pilot” (he once feared commercially).

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