Reporting 101 for in-house legal teams – 1 CPD Unit


Regular, reliable and clear communication of in-house legal teams with internal clients and stakeholders is essential for maintaining the respect for the critical role of the legal department. Guarantee that this doesn’t turn into an enormous time-suck and your key messages break through by giving careful consideration to your reporting content, cadence, delivery and appropriate, intensive automation. Make everyone see and understand the value of the legal department!

Who is this course for?

Business Leaders – Operations Professionals – In-house Counsel

This course has been designed for professionals from in-house legal departments to support their desire to build a streamlined, productive and effective team through the unlocked understanding of their legal work and resourcing from a robust, data-driven perspective.

What will you learn?

Why reporting to key stakeholders is critical

The key elements of every report – content, cadence and delivery

Appropriate reporting for each of your key audiences

Understand how you can automate reporting

How long is it going to take?

This is a 60 minute course in easy to consume sections, giving you the flexibility to learn when it fits your schedule.